Being buried alive


Hanging by a thread

At the end of my rope

Clawing my way up

Gasping for breath

Every writer knows to avoid cliches. They are trite and boring and rarely describe a situation effectively. However, these cliches don’t come to mind when I am writing, but when I am living—living with chronic migraine. Every one of these overused phrases has felt like literal truth at some point.

What cliches feel like truth in your struggle with migraine or headache?

4 Responses to Cliches

  1. Otter says:

    Hitting rock bottom (now if I could just claw my way back up)

    Whittling my life away

    Getting on by the skin of my teeth

  2. Sue says:

    Running on fumes

  3. Nilofer says:

    Pain in the neck (but like an evil, nano-demon burrowing up through my neck to my head)

  4. Liss says:

    My husband used to make jokes at me (lovingly, but still!) because I used a lot of these. Then one day I described living with CM as being in a maze. He thought that sounded like an attitude change, because in a maze you can at least, maybe someday, find a way out…

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