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Reading, a Migraine Loss Recovered

When I first connected with other migraineurs on a forum in 2004, I was horrified to learn that reading exacerbated migraine attacks for many people. I was so grateful it wasn’t a problem for me and often thought how horrible such a restriction would be. I couldn’t imagine how I’d get through a migraine when I typically read a book a day when bedridden. It never occurred to me that I one day might have trouble reading.

Skip to late 2007, after years of the migraine attacks steadily worsening in severity. I gave up reading because it was just too physically painful and hoped doing so would improve the migraines. Instead, they continued to worsen until I also had to give up being on the computer and, thus, blogging. Before then I’d never considered that I might have to give up reading; suddenly I was pretty sure I’d never read again. (I enjoyed a brief period of reading using Hart’s Kindle with the font in the largest size, but that only lasted a few books before it began exacerbating the migraines again.)

I’m thrilled to share that I’ve been reading novels again since March! Having the severity of my migraines reduced with magnesium and wearing TheraSpecs while reading the Kindle, I’m able to read with no problem. Migraine attacks have become much easier to bear and I’m so thankful that I can distract myself from the particularly painful ones with a book.

Until now, chronic migraine had felt progressive: the attacks worsened in severity and duration and the debility increased as time went on. The losses mounted. To regain the ability to read is to regain some of the hope that fell away as my health worsened. I have migraine; migraine does not have me.

2 thoughts on “Reading, a Migraine Loss Recovered”

  1. Hi there stranger! I’m so glad to see you back online! Obviously I am one of those who has had to cut WAY back on reading (anything….books, computers, favorite blogs *grin*) due to my migraines.

    I am THRILLED you found something that helps! I have a different brand of glasses w/ tints that help alot (still can’t read during a “bad” migraine). But I’ve been able to read more lately (which is good, I have a ton of books to review).

    I am investigating “migraine surgery”. My blog had to go private, but if you would like, just email me your email addy and I’ll be happy to add you!

    *Big HUGS* I’ve missed you!

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