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Migraine is to Headache as Godzilla is to Lizard

Really. You think migraine is just a headache? And I suppose Godzilla is just a lizard?

This is brilliant!

I really feel like I’ve been facing Godzilla the last couple months. The occipital nerve blocks worsened my migraines for a month. As soon as I recovered, I started on Lyrica for migraine prevention and wound up with massive fatigue and severe depression. I’m still a little depressed, but am coming out of it gradually. Hope to see you again soon!

12 thoughts on “Migraine is to Headache as Godzilla is to Lizard”

  1. Hi guys,

    I can really identify with all your testimonies.

    In my case I suffer from harsh light, like fluorescent lighiting and also when there is a lot of glare or intense lighting.

    I get very dizzy, tired, numb and get headaches all the time.

    Right now I´m using Irlen Filters that helped me big time, using them in combination with Topiramate.

    That combination seems to be optimal for me since it reduces a lot my tiredness and a lot of my physical symptoms.

    Besides the headaches and the migraines do you found my symptoms familiar? I mean the tiredness, some anxiety feelings, numbness, dizzines. Does anyone experience those symptoms while doing intense visual activities (computer work) or under harsh lighting conditions???

    I would love to hear other testimonies.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with Lyrica…My neurologist wanted me to try it, but after considering the side effects I decided it’s not worth it to me. After seeing your experiences, I am confident in my decision. I will keep you in my prayers 🙂 Tanya

  3. I have been following you travails for a month or so. Great info. I have started a blog after three years of chronic daily headache e and am about to embark on home experimental therapy. TDCS. Transcranial direct current stimulation, in case you have not heard of it. I only heard of it about a month ago. I am all set up and starting today and chronicling it in the blog, if you are interested. It’s at blogger. Called Hip Hip Headache. I want to help myself and others, and encourage people to understand just how disabling migraine and headache can be. Thanks, Anne Fontaine

  4. Kerrie:

    Thanks for the info on occipital nerve blocks.
    Your experience mirrors my own with the nerve blocks.
    To good health!!!

    Reno Nevada

  5. Try black cohosh root capsules—–my head hurt even more the first 3 or 4 days i tried it, but then after that my headache’s gone!!:)

  6. addendum to above comment———I got the info about black cohosh from Linda Page’s book “Healthy Healing” under heading “Nerve Problems”

  7. Try some Black Cohosh root capsules, they worked for me, headache will seem to hurt more the first couple days, but after that the headache will be gone!!!!:) I used to feel i had a ‘pool’ inside my head, that’s how my headache felt like.

  8. So sorry to hear the med changes have you feeling depressed! We are all here for you when you feel good to come back. Until then, lots of HUGS!

  9. Oh Kerrie, I’m so sorry to hear this. I’m glad you’re coming out the other side of this terrible time. Be kind to yourself….

    Your reaction to lyrica may explain why my doc wouldn’t agree to a trial run of that med for me. He said “It isn’t indicated in your case” and I didn’t bother challenging him.

    Good to know.

  10. I really enjoyed your blog post – how funny is that ecard! I’m sorry you’re dealing with such pain, though. Unfortunately, medication doesn’t work too well for me – side effects and it just feels so unnatural. I just feel like there has to be a better way to deal with headaches than that. I used to try the green tea remedies too, but then I found a neat product called Aculief that uses pressure on the LI-4 spot on my hand to provide tension relief. You just put the clip on and forget about it. It stays on your hand for as long as you need. I hope this helps more people like you and me who suffer from tension and headaches!

  11. Hi Kerrie,
    Thanks for all the good info you provide. I’ve only been reading your blog for a few days but really find it helpful.

    One thing I have done is to try to eliminate as much chemical exposure as possible. For me that means no hair dye, using baking soda instead of toothpaste, using non-chemical cleaners etc. This is in addition to watching my food very carefully.

    I thought I’d mention the chemical idea in case you had not addressed it yet.


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