FL-41 Precision Tint Glasses Photo & Update

Several people have asked me what the wraparound FL-41 glasses that Hart and I are making look like, so here is a picture of them on on yours truly. One of the comments I’ve heard frequently (and so did testers) is people like that they can see my eyes when we talk, unlike when I wore sunglasses all the time. So I feel less cut off from the world, too.

Upon arrival from Italy, the frames were held up in customs for a few days. After they were finally delivered at noon on Friday, Hart took them straight to the optical lab that makes the precision-tinted lenses. We hope they will be ready sometime this week. The website and shop will be up and running as soon as they are!

So exciting! So scary!

2 Responses to FL-41 Precision Tint Glasses Photo & Update

  1. Iris Naroden says:

    Are these available in prescription form ? Suffring from terrible blephrospasms and dry eye


    Iris (ironic I Know )

    • These frames aren’t available in prescription — the wrap lenses cause distortions with prescription lenses — but we’re working on alternatives for people who wear prescription glasses. In the meantime, we can create prescription TheraSpecs lenses in frames you provide. Please contact us for details:

      Take care,

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