Where’s Kerrie?

In Phoenix! My dad is in the hospital with pericarditis and had a liter of fluid drained from his heart sac. I’m here spending time with him and helping my mom. My sister comes in Saturday and I’m looking forward to the four of us being together.

Thankfully, my head pain has been low this week. The nausea is still present, but I’m controlling it pretty well with Reglan (metoclorpramine) and, when I can sleep for 12 hours, Valium. Breathing and meditation, skills I learned in my mindfulness-based wellness class, have been invaluable. I’ve been able to keep several “attacks” at bay, even with the stress of flying.

Monday’s appointment was only long enough to address the nausea. It was disappointing, but I have an appointment when I return home. My internist also has the list of all my symptoms, which I hope she’ll get a chance to look at before my appointment.

Posting here and on the forum are obviously not happening much lately. I’m not gone for good. Writing blog posts helps me think and cope, so I hope to continue posting at least twice a week.

Thanks for all the good wishes! Your support and love is keeping me going. I’m taking fairly good care of myself and hope you are too.

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