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Death By Migraine

I know a migraine can’t actually kill me, but there are days I’m sure I’m dying. I woke up in pain, but thought I’d aborted the migraine until I took a short walk. The cold air on my forehead caused searing pain. Rubbing the bridge of my nose, the classic headache pose, only intensified the pain.

I’m exhausted and spacey, pale with dark circles under my eyes, sweating and freezing, sensitive to touch and smells. Did I mention that I can barely think?

Running errands, I moved my car four blocks because I couldn’t stand the cold and didn’t have enough energy to walk the required eight blocks to and from my destination. Knowing making dinner would be impossible, I stopped at a new place with takeaway meals. The staff was excited to show me around and tell me what the place is all about, but I could barely comprehend what they were saying. I finally told them that I had a migraine and wasn’t up to talking. Something that I rarely, rarely do.

Now I’m home, both in place and spirit. Still, it’s going to be a long day.

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  1. I lost my little cousin 2 days ago.. All he had was a severe migraine,he went to the hospital and collapsed and died while being treated. He was 22,healthy and strong.

    1. I’m so sorry, Roxy. While migraine itself isn’t life-threatening, it can be associated with stroke, which can be deadly. Sometimes someone thinks they’re having a migraine, but are actually having a brain aneurysm rupture. I think the latter is more likely in an otherwise healthy, young person. That’s my input, though I know that whatever the explanation, the pain of your loss remains.

  2. i have been on just about every migraine med there is and i still have issues..infact, i have gotten worse..neck swelling, flashing lights, cant stand sound or light, cant be touched at all, vomitting(alot), nausea, sometimes i go numb in the face, tingling in all limbs..had stroke like symptoms and hospitalized…still no result nor answer…i go to the e.r. for help! some judge me as a dope addict others half way help me(spend time there n still go home in lots of pain)..right now my head hurts so bad that i just want to die…..i cant work, no social life at all! im not living my life! always sick! i dont know what else to do…

  3. I have recently about 2 minutes ago just recovered from a terrible migraine i get everyday. so i drank two Excedrin migraines and tried to sleep but couldnt.I dont know if such thing is good. i have gone and gotten proscription from the hospital before but i ended up getting and allergic reaction to the pills. but after taking those pills the migraines stopped for a while then have recently started up again each other morning. im only at the age of 14. and dont know what to do now. i had no idea you can die from migraines!

  4. Kerrie,

    I just recovered from a 7 day migraine and found out quite by accident that migraines can indeed kill you. They can cause strokes and in addition cause slow brain damage over the years if they are not kept under control. I, too, was under the impression that they would not kill you because that is what my father preached to me during his attacks. The web is a great source of information. Type in migraine and death. It will blow your mind away.

    Mary McNamara

  5. When I get migraines I have to drop everything i’m doing and take some Excedrin or Tylonol Extra Strength. Then I lay in bed trying to catch some sleep. About 4-8 Hours into the migraine I start vomiting like crazy… After that it goes away significantly… I get them about every month to month and a half…

  6. Oh Kerrie, that really sucks, I hope you have as few days like that as possible!!

    Thanks! With naps and lots of meds, the weekend was good. The jury is still out on today. . . .


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