Death By Migraine

I know a migraine can’t actually kill me, but there are days I’m sure I’m dying. I woke up in pain, but thought I’d aborted the migraine until I took a short walk. The cold air on my forehead caused searing pain. Rubbing the bridge of my nose, the classic headache pose, only intensified the pain.

I’m exhausted and spacey, pale with dark circles under my eyes, sweating and freezing, sensitive to touch and smells. Did I mention that I can barely think?

Running errands, I moved my car four blocks because I couldn’t stand the cold and didn’t have enough energy to walk the required eight blocks to and from my destination. Knowing making dinner would be impossible, I stopped at a new place with takeaway meals. The staff was excited to show me around and tell me what the place is all about, but I could barely comprehend what they were saying. I finally told them that I had a migraine and wasn’t up to talking. Something that I rarely, rarely do.

Now I’m home, both in place and spirit. Still, it’s going to be a long day.

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