I Did It!

Wednesday, September 13 is the day that I’ll have my nerve stimulator removed! Don’t worry about number 13 superstitions — September 13th is my mom’s birthday and has always been considered good luck in my family.

I’m not sure when we’ll go to Phoenix, but I have pre-op appointments on the 12th. I’ll have Hart there with a camera, so you may even get to see the huge smile on my face before I go into surgery.

5 thoughts on “I Did It!”

  1. Does this mean we’re have boullion and jello for my birthday dinner??? Just kidding – love ya lots! See you soon!

    I don’t think boullion can hold a candle. We’ll have to have something yummy on Tuesday.


  2. Thanks everyone! I’m sooooo excited. Maybe I’ll make a paper chain to count down the days. You know, like the ones kids use to countdown until Christmas or their birthdays.


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