Headache & Migraine Blogs

Blogging about headache is awesome. It’s cathartic, social, educational and helpful for others. Enough blogs have popped up in the last few months that we’re building a nice community. If you’ve thought about joining us, you can set up a free account on Blogger. It’s easy to use and has a lot of templates.

My plan was to summarize all the blogs and some of their posts, but that’s been on my list for months and keeps not happening. Instead, here’s a list of them all. It’s basically in descending order of how much each blogger posts. As soon as I learn about a new blog, I add it to my blogroll, so you can always check there for fresh perspectives.

3 Responses to Headache & Migraine Blogs

  1. Terri says:

    Hey Kerrie, aren’t you clever?! Thanks for the referrals!!!! I am still trying to find chronic tension-type people but have yet to come across others….everyone seems to be a chronic daily stemming from migraine or a true migraineur, but I’m learning a heck of a lot from you guys! Hope you’re having a wonderful vacation wherever you are!

  2. ErinM says:

    Wow, we’ve got quite a community going, don’t we? It’s so great that we’re here to support one another.

    Take care of yourselves!

  3. Kerrie says:

    Good point, Terri. I’m pretty convinced that they are all stem from the same root cause, but that theory is debated. Iknow it’s hard to find news on tension-type headache.


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