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Headache & Migraine Blogs

Blogging about headache is awesome. It’s cathartic, social, educational and helpful for others. Enough blogs have popped up in the last few months that we’re building a nice community. If you’ve thought about joining us, you can set up a free account on Blogger. It’s easy to use and has a lot of templates.

My plan was to summarize all the blogs and some of their posts, but that’s been on my list for months and keeps not happening. Instead, here’s a list of them all. It’s basically in descending order of how much each blogger posts. As soon as I learn about a new blog, I add it to my blogroll, so you can always check there for fresh perspectives.

3 thoughts on “Headache & Migraine Blogs”

  1. Good point, Terri. I’m pretty convinced that they are all stem from the same root cause, but that theory is debated. Iknow it’s hard to find news on tension-type headache.


  2. Wow, we’ve got quite a community going, don’t we? It’s so great that we’re here to support one another.

    Take care of yourselves!

  3. Hey Kerrie, aren’t you clever?! Thanks for the referrals!!!! I am still trying to find chronic tension-type people but have yet to come across others….everyone seems to be a chronic daily stemming from migraine or a true migraineur, but I’m learning a heck of a lot from you guys! Hope you’re having a wonderful vacation wherever you are!

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