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Aveda Saves the Day

One of non-headache symptoms I have with a bad headache is dark circles under my eyes. I’m not just hyper-aware of it, other people ask me if I’m OK after seeing my eyes.

The wonders of of Aveda‘s tourmaline eye cream are almost too amazing to explain. It masks under-eye circles better than any other product I’ve tried, it doesn’t require another layer of makeup to look OK and it’s not cakey. Men and women alike can wear it as it’s not noticeable on non-makeup wearers (like me).

It’s pricey at $30 a tube, but you only need to use a tiny bit at a time. Everyone I know who has tried it has bought a tube — and started extolling its virtues to everyone they know. It’s that good.

2 thoughts on “Aveda Saves the Day”

  1. I’m SO behind on reading, forgive me.

    Thank you for this recommendation–I swear, these headaches have aged me 10 years. Going to give the eye cream a try!

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