New Nerve Stimulation Category

Against my obsessive need for tight and neat parallel category titles, I’ve added the creatively named new category, Nerve Stimulation. It’s far more important for you all to easily access the information you need than it is for me to satisfy my internal copy editor.

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  1. walksalone05 says:

    Hi how are you? I’m going to see a Dr. Aurora on pill hill tomorrow,apparently they are going to do a study on headache implants,and are recruiting now.Not sure I like what I’ve been hearing about these implants,tho.But just going to speak to her about it.She said it does have wires.I swim all the time and have my own pool,so I’m not anxious to stop doing that anytime soon.

    My mom and I are planning a trip to Canada in the spring,and I am worried about being able to enjoy it,as nothing aborts my headaches except my TENS unit,which really only helps the small to medium ones.

    Anyway hope to speak to you soon.Let me know how things are going.:)

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