Nerve Stimulator-Imposed Restrictions

After I had my stimulator about a year, Medtronic began publishing Living Well, a newsletter about the company’s implanted stimulation devices and drug delivery systems. According to the newsletter’s nerve stimulation FAQs, these activities might be harmful: using an electric blanket, skiing, sledding, golfing, amusement park rides. These are in addition to the limitations I’ve already mentioned.

If I had seen all these restrictions listed out before my surgery, I’m not sure I would have gotten the stimulator. I certainly don’t regret getting it, but I’m resentful of and angry about how much it limits my movement. Much, much more than I ever imagined I would be. Part of feeling better is wanting to do all the activities I couldn’t do before. It’s the loss that I’ve mourned the most over the last year and it’s a fresh wound every time I think about it.

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