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Botox helps a portion of people with headache, but news stories don’t generally address how and why it works and how effective it really is. Some sources to help you figure out if Botox might be a good option for you include:

My story isn’t too encouraging, but it’s at least one perspective to consider. I’ve had three different rounds of injections. The first was done using the same injection sites as a plastic surgeon uses for wrinkles; it didn’t help at all.

The other two rounds were using the International Headache Society‘s protocol for injection sites. I thought the first set of these injections might have helped, but minimally. The second time wasn’t effective at all. I called it quits after that.

Getting the injections wasn’t painful for me, although a lot of people do have pain. The day following the injections, though, I had some of the worst headaches of my life.

Have any of you tried Botox to treat your headaches? What were your experiences with it?

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  1. Hmmmmm Now I’m totally undecided! Any women taking the Botox to menstrual migraines? Doctor just suggested it to me, told him I’d think about it. He’s checking my insurance. If out of pocket..can’t afford it..will have to stick with Topamax (I thankfully have not side effects) and the Loritabs. Thought as I got older … the migraines would become less…HA. Hysterectomy didn’t help ladies don’t do that!!! May be all become pain free some day 🙂

  2. I’ve been getting botox for migraines for about 3 years. It helps right away, HOWEVER, about three weeks after the injections (every time I get them) I get these massive headaches that are indescribable. I take pain meds for some relief, but it does not take care of the total headache. It’s like the botox is wearing off a little and the headaches are BAD. I keep getting the injections because I have some relief in between. Do we ever grow out of migraines?????

  3. Kelly…… sounds like we are all screwed because of the lying bastards in this society. Botox isn’t covered now because SOME idiots use the migraine excuse to get the injections. Just like the jerks who decide they want to take the pills we NEED to SURVIVE for FUN so doctors don’t give those out now either. Then since we can’t PROVE the excrutiating pain we are in, we get pegged as “pill poppers” or “doctor shoppers”.
    Can they not in their infinite wisdom (they think they have us ALL FIGURED OUT) find a way to decifer the honest people from the dirty rotten scounderals?
    A lie detector test would probably work! I think the doctors are just lazy or worried about being sued so they refuse to help people that actually need medication on a regular basis….at least until they figure out what is causing the stupid things to begin with. Like it’s an ejoyable experience to take medicine EVERY SINGLE day just to avoid excrutiating, debilitating pain!
    Kerry……I have no doctor or insurance, have had chronic daily migraines for 7 years, not sure if my circumstance would call for the trial of botox. At this point I will do ANYTHING for relief but I also don’t have much money to invest especially if it isn’t going to work. Thanks so much for the advise, it’s wonderful to know I am not alone!

  4. Anyone have a recommendation for a doctor who does botox for pain in Seattle area? Please email me: Thanks!

    I’m pretty sure the Swedish Headache Clinic does Botox.


  5. I tried Botox and found it worked wonders for me! For the first time in years I was headache free – and just in time for my wedding and honeymoom. The injections were done around my scalp, jaw, ears, neck and shoulders. And the daily headaches just vanished. I used to take 15mg of Vicodin a day just to survive. It is like I have a whole new life! Now I just have to get insurance to cover it.

    That’s terrific! I’m so glad you’ve found some relief.


  6. I Tried every known medication out there to relieve my Migraines to no avail, I was getting daily migraines and often had to go to the E.R. for injections of Demerol to finally stop my clusters.
    I finally tried another Neurologist who tried Botox, make sure your Dr injects in the correct locations, and I NO Longer get Migraines!! It’s amazing!! Must be re-applied every 2.5 months

    That’s terrific! I’m so glad you’ve found something that’s so helpful.


  7. I’ve been doing Botox injection for CDH & migraine for close to three years now. I certainly feel an extreme relief on one level — one of the migraines that haunt me, the “surface” one that is always there pulling and pushing at my forehead and temple on the right. I can go for about 4 months between injections, though I’m starting to after this last one notice a slight decline in the effectiveness, but other factors may be at play (I’m also currently on Topamax, which I HATE, am having horrible side-effects from, am and wondering if it isn’t suddenly making some of my deeper from the core of the brain migraines worse).

    The one downside to it all is that the FDA or Allergan changed the definition of what Botox-A was allowable to be used for, and now insurance doesn’t cover it. After trying to go without the injection for a while (8 months) I decided I was going more insane that usual, and simply tightened my belt, and worked out a payment plan with my neuro. We did try to fight the coverage rejection and submitted letters and endless reports and appeals to the insurance company stating that this was the only effective treatment found so far for me, but everything was denied at a head-spinning speed. According to my neauro a very poorly conducted study had been done showing that Botox had no effect on those suffering with migraines, insurance companies no longer want to foot the bill, especially since so many getting the injections for cosmetic reasons were submitting them as “medically necessary for treatment of headaches”. Lovely.

    I’m glad they sort of help for you, but it stinks that insurance won’t cover the injections any more. It’s always so complicated.


  8. I was scheduled to do botox, but my insurance wouldn’t cover it. Though for me (with my immune disorder issues) I wasn’t sure I really wanted to try it.

    I’m sorry it didn’t help you : /

  9. Thank you for this information. I read your blog religiously, and the information is always relevant, but this botox information is particularly so because I’m getting ready to try it. I’ve tried so many things that it just makes sense to give this a shot. Maybe I’ll be one of the lucky ones.

    Best of luck, Diana. Let us know how it goes.


  10. My wife, who suffers from menstrual migraines (on a daily basis) tried botox about a year ago. She had some relief for about 10 days then all of a sudden expierenced one of the worst migraines of her life. After that, her migraines seemed to go back to where the were before the botox.

    What a letdown. I hope she was able to enjoy her 10 days of reduced pain.


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