Blogging for Health

Some doctors are encouraging patients to blog as part of their treatment. It’s like online therapy.

Through blogging, patients explore the overwhelming emotions of illness and may learn more about the illness as they look for sources for the blog. Their loved ones can better understand the sick person’s experience, treatment and emotions. People they don’t know can also benefit as they learn more about a disease that they or their loved ones may suffer from.

Half of the respondents in a recent America Online study said that blogging is a form of therapy for them. There are risks however. Putting yourself out there can be scary. Blogging is not unlike writing a letter; you can’t retract what you’ve said. Well, technically you can, but it’s not appropriate blog etiquette.

I absolutely love it. I’ve learned so much about headache and health care that I’m a better patient. My family knows more than I’m ever comfortable talking about. And it’s helped me sort out my feelings toward this disease.

If you’re interested, Blogger is an easy and free place to start a blog. You can even start one and keep it totally private, in case you want to see how it goes before sharing it with others. I can’t recommend it enough. If you decide to join the headache blogging community, let me know so I can share your link with others.

2 Responses to Blogging for Health

  1. Angel says:

    Well, I don’t know if my blog qualifies–I did start it because of my headaches, but I blog about other things too.

  2. Kerrie says:

    Thanks, Angel! I’ve added you to the list.


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