Taping Doctors’ Visits

At my last appointment with my headache specialist, I told him I’d love to take him out for drinks so I could have a couple hours to learn more about headaches and his opinions. This will never actually happen, so I’m content squeeze what I can out of our visits. The problem is, I scribble notes like crazy but they never capture the whole visit and are so hurried that half of them make no sense.

I’ve thought about taping the appointments, but I’ve never been comfortable asking (funny since I was perfectly comfortable asking him out to a bar) and am concerned that he might censor himself in the presence of a tape recorder (another reason martinis would be useful). If a Patient Wants to Tape the Visit shares views from doctors who support it and others who hate it, with comments from a malpractice attorney thrown in. Kevin, MD, tipped me off to the article and also has some interesting comments from doctors who follow his blog.

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