Balance? Yeah, Right

I’m totally and completely exhausted. I hoped that after the party I hosted last night, I’d be able to share tips on entertaining without overdoing it. Instead, I’m too tired and in too much pain to write much.

I thought I was doing a pretty good job of self-regulating. I got back from two weeks of traveling on Friday, the last week spent with my high-energy sister and her three kids. Then starting Monday morning, I cooked and cleaned pretty much non-stop until late last night. Within 15 minutes of people arriving at the party, my head was screaming and all I wanted to do was crawl in bed.

I’ve realized that my new boundaries keep me from stressing out while I prepare to entertain, which was previously my M.O., but they don’t keep me from working too hard. So I was totally calm while I shredded chicken and scrubbed the floor (not at the same time), but I never took a break. It’s interesting to make this distinction. Maybe it will help me figure out the right balance one day.

I did learn some great ways to simplifying cooking for a party, but I have to save them for another day. I need to lie on the couch for now.

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